Import - Credit Manager 4

Credit Manager 4 screenshot

The Import is used by customers who maintain their accounts in another software package. Most software applications support "exporting" their database to a common file type. This "exported" file would be used to add or update your accounts, through the Import function of Credit Manager.

The Credit Manager Import function supports the following file types:

  1. Comma Separated Variable (.CSV) Files See Example
  2. Text (.TXT) Files (fixed length/blocked format) See Example
  3. Delimited Text File (user defineable delimiter)
  4. Microsoft Access databases - 32 bit Windows only.
  5. XML
  6. Excel (XLS/XLSX)
  7. Metro 2 Formatted files

The import does not require your data file to be in any specific sequence. It will import all fields associated with the Metro 2 format. The Credit Manager contains additional fields (not available in the Metro 2 format) such as notes/comments and follow up dates on each account, which are also available for import. These additional fields are for your use and are not reported to the Credit Bureaus.

Once your accounts have been imported into The Credit Manager, extensive compliance checks are performed on each account to ensure they meet FCRA/ECOA/FCBA/FDCPA regulations and Metro 2 format requirements. Accounts containing compliance errors can be manually corrected by the Edit screen, Query function for multiple account edits or updated using the Import utility.

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